Transform Your Ideas Into Reality

Do you have a message to share?

-Are you an expert on a subject and would like to teach others?

-Do you make business or sales presentations or are you pitching for funding?

 -Do you coach others or lead a team?

-Do you just want to get your thoughts and ideas across more clearly? 

These in depth courses will teach you how to effectively share your message so you can reach your goals in your life and career. 

Why These Professional Courses?

Who Can Benefit?

  • Thought leaders
  • Business Professionals
  • Coaches
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Anybody that needs to communicate to others

How Will They Help You?

  • In One-on-One Discussions or Online Sessions
  • With Small Group or Team Interactions and Meetings
  • Negotiations and Sales Presentations
  • Public Events, Rallies, & Board Meetings
  • Toasts, Weddings, & Impromptu Gatherings

Meet Your Teacher

"Learning how to communicate your message has never been more important. I've been helping people just like you for over 20 years and I want to help you."

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If you're just getting started or you need some help crafting your story or gaining more confidence, these 2 courses are for you!

Storytelling in Business

If your presentations don't connect with your audience, they don't benefit from your expertise and knowledge.

Learn how to dramatically increase audience engagement and referrals through adding stories to your business communication and speeches with this 7-step system.

Confidence Gold

How many of us get nervous, shaky or even flushed before we start any presentation. Learn the secrets to calm yourself.

80% of your presentation success is MINDSET! Confidence helps your message get through. Discover 7 insider secrets for delivering your presentation or speech with ease.

If you are an experienced speaker, storyteller or presenter and want to take your ideas to the next level, these 2 courses are for you!

Presentation Prosperity

Learn how to craft presentations that engage and delight audiences while building your influence and visibility.

Every leader, every influencer, everyone with a message can benefit from learning how to craft a compelling story, presentation, speech or even a live video. This course is perfect to take you to the next level of success by telling your story.

Speaker Marketing

Ready for the next step? This course teaches you how to "get noticed" so you can spread your message and earn income.

When you have an important story to tell, one that can change people's lives, you need find audiences to tell it to. Knowing how to promote yourself and what you offer is key to spreading your message and making yourself be heard.

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What People are Saying


Carla is the real deal. Her ability to guide me in the journey to becoming a speaker has come from her having done it herself--both the inner and the outer work.

Kate Sutherland - Facilitator & Author

Storytelling for Presenters Review

“I believe in myself so much more now as a presenter because of this material and Carla's excellent guidance."

A. Reichert - Speaker, Trainer & Coach

I was going to close down my business until I started learning how to speak at networking events. This program totally pays for itself.

Trisch Lorren - Business Owner

I got a chance to speak at a TEDx event and other great opportunities because of this program. I'm so grateful to Carla, because otherwise none of this would have happened.

Maggie DeVries - Speaker and Bestselling Author

This has been life changing for me because it has propelled me much further along in my career than I could have done on my own.

Gillian Maxwell - Speaker & Facilitator

After years of speaking, I decided I wanted to take my presentation to the next level so I worked with Carla Rieger. I had a more quiet, academic style, and wanted to add more stories and energy. Carla showed me how to use the strengths of my natural personality to my benefit. And I got a standing ovation for the first time in my career!

Vesanto Melina - Multiple Best Selling Author

This enabled me to craft and deliver my story with so much more confidence. Something I never thought I'd be able to do!

Emma Cooper - Multiple 6 figure network marketer, and fastest growing person in her company

Carla's coaching helped my business grow exponentially! I got on bigger stages, sold more products and turned my keynote into a book.

Ron Coleman - Speaker, Trainer & Consultant