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Client Testimonials


You were by far the BEST presenter at the conference. I sat through so many sessions, and felt drained. But after I left yours I felt so ENERGIZED and I am now using what you gave me on a regular basis.

- Maria Baker, Human Resources, Southern Ute Growth Fund 


I love Carla’s energy and outlook. I found her keynote very meaningful for me. I now see important ways to improve resilience in our organization. This was just what I needed to hear.

- Tamara Laurin, Human Resources, APTN


I loved the way you were able to integrate key learnings in a fun way. I laughed, I learned and I was mesmerized. Within relatively a short period of time, I have already seen the positive results within our department.

- Maria Paveo, Human Resources, District of North Vancouver 


The Artistry of Change:

The Top 3 Habits of Highly Resilient and Innovative People

Best Audience: Association Conferences, Leadership Events, Staff Training, Sales Rallies

How does technology affect performance? Engaging, keynote speaker, Carla Rieger, looks at leadership thinking habits that help people perform better as we move faster into the age of AI, machine learning, automation, digital interfacing and gamification.

Technological challenges are mounting as our digital lives become more complex. The human tendency is to get reactive and waste time focusing on the problem instead of working on the solution. This makes people seem irrelevant and expendable. What if you could train your brain to perform better than a computer where it matters?

After 11 years of research we have identified the top 3 mindset habits of people who stay innovative, solutions-oriented, adaptive, centered, healthy, communicative and proactive in the face of constant change.

We call these people “Change Artists”. The skills of a Change Artist don’t actually need to be learned. They are innate skills that you just need to remember to access. These practices require hardly any extra time during your day, and simply train your brain to stay in as high a performance state as possible, no matter what is going on around you.

During this engaging and practical program your group will discover how to:

  • understand different personality styles when it comes to handling tech challenges
  • shift a reactive mindset to a problem solving mindset.
  • turn complaints, resistance and setbacks into tools for positive change
  • create the structures that inspire a culture of innovation

The Artistry of Change® is a powerful framework that blends diverse fields such as educational kinesiology, western and eastern psychology, change management theory, creative process models, and neuroscience. Witness how these fields are merging in exciting ways to produce the new ‘organizational artistry’.


"Carla spoke at four of our events to over 900 people. She's a consummate professional! Very well researched and prepared, she provided engaging, practical and thought-provoking content that stuck with people. The overall feedback was EXCELLENT." 

Lynn Kirkland  Human Resources, Capital Health Region



  How to Install the Top 3 Habits of Excellent Communicators

Best Audience: Association Conferences, Leadership Events, Staff Training

Format: Keynote, Workshop, Breakout Session or Group Coaching

Conflict is an element like fire: too much causes damages; too little and no transformation can occur.

Costly communication breakdowns often happen between people because of simple-to-solve issues. If not dealt with you can lose productivity, income, well being, customers and employee engagement.

Diversity of opinions between people can lead to decisions that are wiser and more sustainable. This program covers the top habits of those who turn differences into solutions.

During this entertaining, engaging and interactive presentation your group will discover how to:

  • practice 3 habits that prevent communication breakdowns
  • communicate your needs without causing defensiveness
  • switch from an unhealthy tension to a healthy discussion
  • have touchy conversations that lead to positive outcomes
  • win back trust and create goodwill where it was lost

Experience the joy of making open communication a part of your daily work life.


"Carla did our closing keynote at BC CRNS and also a hands on workshop for our entire group. Our organization helps protect adults from abuse, neglect or self-neglect. I know her to be a brilliant presenter, and that's why we brought her in to help our people attract supporters through the use of stories." 

Susan Moore Team Manager, BC CRNS



Creating Mutually Beneficial Outcomes Between Leaders and their Team Members

Best Audience: Managers, Supervisors, C-Suite, Leaders, Business Owners

Format: Workshop, Breakout Session or Group Coaching

Effective communication is critical, yet generational divides can hinder connection between leaders and team members. This talk/workshop equips leaders from one generation at Roche Diagnostics with strategies to engage team members of a younger generation, such as Millennials.

We'll explore generational differences such as that between GenX and Millennials and how to blend the best of both worlds to create an ideal working relationship that results in high productivity and profitability.

With this context, your group will explore coaching tools for how to:

  • adjust their approach to motivate and develop Millennial team members
  • provide feedback that resonates with Millennial values and preferences
  • create an inclusive environment where Millennial voices are heard
  • develop empathy for Millennial desires for flexibility and fulfillment
  • foster open dialogue to build trust across the generation gap
  • inspire loyalty and dedication in Millennial employees

This workshop complements and builds on your training on moving from reactive to creative mindsets. Here we focus specifically on communicating across the generation divide mainly between Gen X leaders and Millennial employees.

In this interactive and results-oriented program they will gain actionable techniques to engage, develop, and retain Millennial workforce, while also prioritizing company needs. Together, we'll create an intergenerational culture of open communication that drives results. 


"Very engaging, informative and practical for our leaders who are trying to bridge the generation gap. We need to build a collaborative, diverse and inclusive team between all ages. It's tricky to do that while also keeping the company profitable and productive, but Carla gave us very workable tools that we are now implementing." 

Richard Chen Regional Manager, Life Sciences Industry


  Managing Change with a Sense of Humour

Best Audience: Association Conferences, Appreciation, Promotional or Holiday Events

Format: Keynote or Interactive Lunch or Dinner Speech

Overall Goal: To help people better embrace change at work by employing a light-hearted mindset

Did you know that light-hearted people get hired more often than serious people? And make better leaders?

A playful spirit is something you can learn and expand on. All people, no matter what their background or personality, can learn to have more joy in life. Most people are born with the ability to laugh and see humor. Some people just choose to develop it more. In this fun and interactive talk you'll discover habits of mind to bring this out in yourself and others. 

Why lighten up your life? It can help you and others:

• be more productive

• build rapport more easily with people

• see solutions to problems more quickly

• be more relaxed, confident and popular

• enjoy life more fully

Even if you come from a “humorously-challenged” family, or stopped having fun years ago -  this presentation

will help you build your laughter skills. 

Experience the joy of laughing together, a celebration of people and life.

Carla’s engaging and humorous style kept me motivated to learn. It's great to know simple ways to recapture a playful spirit.  

      - Paula Tenrick, HR Consultant

This is the best eye-opener for humor possibilities in teaching I have ever experienced!  

      - Richard Williams, University Professor

Carla's techniques for inspiring laughter made a huge difference on my team and in my life. 

     - Susan Ney, Human Resources Director


to explore if this is a good fit for your event

Why Book Carla to Speak?

For over 23 years, Carla Rieger has been speaking on how to help leaders be more effective in the age of technology, so they can keep the human element supported, productive and innovative. 

Her uplifting, fun and interactive presentations to over 1500 groups, have captured hearts and minds around the world. 

Help your attendees be more effective change agents through how they manage their own state of mind. She is the CEO of The Artistry of Change Training and Coaching, Inc, a training and coaching firm. 

Her academic background includes organizational psychology, sales performance training, conflict resolution, adult education, creative process, change leadership and educational kinesiology. 

She has written 6 books including "MindStory Inner Coach", "Storytelling in Business", "The Heart of Presenting", "Presentations for Prosperity" plus hundreds of articles and 12 online learning programs. 

In addition, she has 10 years experience in the performing arts, specifically comedy. As a frequent speaker, trainer, facilitator, coach, performer and consultant, Carla helps people communicate with power, purpose and passion.


When you hire Carla Rieger to speak at your event as a keynote speaker and/or breakout session speaker, she also includes these services as appropriate:

  • Interviewing a few typical attendees beforehand to ensure the content is relevant
  • Attending a Meet & Greet at the event to get to know attendees and have personal interaction
  • Creating a short promotional video to entice attendees to attend her session
  • Doing 1-to-1 short coaching sessions with participants at the venue to personalize the content
  • Article or Vlog for your newsletter to create buzz
  • Webinar follow up a few weeks latter to answer questions



Chartered Professionals in Human Resources 

Human Resources Assoc of Manitoba

Society for Human Resources Management


Human Resources Masterminds


Mercer Bradley

Credit Union HR Conference


Credit Union Executives Society

Credit Union Insurance Services Association

HUB Financial


Law Society of BC

Westward Advisors


Marketing Assoc for Credit Unions


McConnell Risk Management

Atkinson & Terry

Southern Ute Growth Fund

Daley & Company Chartered Accountants

Reliance Insurance

Certified Public Accountants of Saskatchewan

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Alberta Central Credit Union

Island Savings Credit Union

CGAs of BC

Canadian Payroll Assoication

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US Patent and Trademark Office

Internal Revenue Service

Women Municipal Leaders Forum

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National Managers’ Leadership Forum

Canada Corrections


Canadian Food Inspection Agency 

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

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Public Health

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation


Doctor’s Eyecare Network

CHOC Children’s Hospital

Registered Nurses Association of BC

Speaking of Women’s Health Conference

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Roche Diagnostics

Royal Alexandra Hospital

Pacific AIDS Network

Association of Coop Education 

Nutrition and Food Services Conferences

First Nations and Inuit Health

Capital Health

Roche Diagnostics


Metro-Can Construction

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Morris Industries


Forever Living - UK, Sweden, Holland, Norway, Ireland

Utility Warehouse

Times of India


Concord Sales

Flight Center FCm Travel Solutions

Aramark Food Services

Sonesta Sanibel Resort Hotel

Fairmont Whistler



National Association of Business Aviation

BC Hydro

Sask Power


Educational Facilities Management Association

Manitoba Assoc of School Business Officials

Justice Institute of BC

Assoc. of Yukon School Administrators


BC Institute of Technology

Saskatchewan Institute of Technolgy


Assoc. of Administrative and Professional Staff

International Association of Admin Professionals

Abbotsford Administrator's Assoc. Conference


Chancery Software

GenoLogics Life Sciences Software

Project Management Institute


Overwaitea Foods



Tom Harris Cellular


Women’s Professional Network

e-Women Network


Great Plaines Safety Conference

Vitalize Conference

Alberta Construction Safety Conference

BC Construction Safety Conference


Molly Maid UK and Canada

British Franchise Association


Kansas Recreation and Parks Association

BC Parks and Recreation


Times of India

Servant Leadership Institute Conference

International Association of Venue Managers

Canucks Hockey Team

Saskatchewan Assessment Apprasiers' Association

Public & Private Workers Association of Canada

BC Library Association


Executive Performance Coaching

Carla Rieger helps people in HR and leadership stay in high performance states so they can be their best no matter what. Also, work on communication and presentation strategies that dissolves resistance and open people’s minds to ideas, products and services.

She can help you:

     * motivate a resistant team member to comply with company policies

     * help people adapt to high tech environments

     * negotiate win-win issues between employees and management

     * perform your best at public speaking (live or online)

Your state of mind and how you communicate your message is 80% of your success. Get the help you need to break free of limiting mindsets and close sales with power and purpose. Carla has short and long term coaching programs, group or individual, live and online, depending on your needs and the needs of your team.

About Carla Rieger as a Coach

Carla Rieger is an executive performance coach helping leaders thrive in the age of advanced technology. In addition to powerful leadership strategies, Carla offers tools for a lifetime to change limiting beliefs that are blocking successful performance.

Often these blocks are below  conscious awareness. Therefore, at the strategic level we work on leadership, communication, sales and presentation skills. At the intuitive level, we work on confidence, self belief and mental rehearsal (like a pro athlete) build capacity to succeed exponentially.

Done live or online from anywhere in the world. 

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