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The Power of Laughter Book LP - Carla Rieger

The Power of Laughter:

Managing Change with a Sense of Humor

by Carla Rieger

A book that will inspire you to marry work and play, lighten up your communication style and bring more joy back into your life

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Susan Ney HR Consultant - Royal Roads University

Carla's techniques for inspiring uplifting laughter made a huge difference on my team

Carla's techniques for inspiring uplifting laughter made a huge difference on my team and in my life. Not only did I learn ways to inject humour in the workplace, I saw how it helps to better facilitate change. I have been now turning around challenging situations more and more by laughing. That way I see a new solution I couldn't see before. It's very healing to bring joy back into your life!

Paula Temrick HR Consultant

Carla’s engaging and humorous style kept me motivated to learn

Carla’s engaging and humorous style kept me motivated to learn. Getting people laughing shouldn't be left to chance. Lots of people have forgotten how to do it. It's great to know simple ways to recapture a playful spirit to better handle change and challenge.

Robert Williams University Professor

The best eye-opener for teaching using humor that I've ever experienced!

This is the best eye-opener for humor possibilities in teaching I have ever experienced! I used a few techniques and noticed my students definitely got more engaged and learned more!

Here's what you get by reading The Power of Laughter

You'll discover how to bring playfulness back into your life and  work so that you enjoy the journey as much as the end goals. 


How Laughter Makes You Smarter

Discover the latest research on how laughing and smiling increases brain capacity, physical and mental health


How to Marry Work & Play

How to help people build habits to move back and forth between a focused work mode and a relaxed play mode, so that the process of work is more enjoyable and less stressful.


Discover Your Humor Style

Different people laugh at different things, and therefore use humor in different ways. Discover your humor style and how to recognize the other styles. Learn how to integrate all styles so you can appeal to a wider variety of people. 

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