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Presentation Prosperity 

80% of Your Success as a Speaker is the Content You Deliver and How You Structure It

Isn't it time you invest in standing out from the crowd? 

This online learning system takes you start-to-finish on how to create a presentation that will blow people away and leave a lasting impression!

I learned how each line of your script should serve a purpose

This program showed me how each line of my script should serve a purpose. To make a presentation engaging, you need to give people's brains a variety of input to earn that engagement. Amazing to discover and put that into my presentations...particularly my recent TEDx talk!

Chelley Seibert Police Trainer & TEDx Talk Speaker

Make a difference with your message AND make a good income so you can live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Get the support you need by going through our 5 part system

After surveying hundreds of my clients to find out what they need, we created this 5-Module Program designed for exactly what my clients say they most want and need.

This process helped me get over the fear of public speaking and ensure that my presentation matched my values, goals and direction in my life.

Kevin Hicks Internet Marketing Professional

Part 1: The Who & What

  • Get clear on your offer, topic and audience so that people "get" you right away
  • Ensure your presentation aligns with your life purpose and life goals
  • How to do quick easy market research to make sure you have something people will pay for
  • How to research your audience and set up so you come across as a top notch pro

Part 2: Planning

  • A step-by-step process for researching and structuring your presentation for maximum impact
  • 12 minute speech demo with script so you can see how to a great TED talk is done
  • 45 minute speech demo with script so you can see how a conference keynote is done

Part 3: Scripting

  • Scripting your speech, so you can ensure you are succinct, polished and able to multi-purpose your material
  • How to address many different learning styles so you keep everyone engaged throughout
  • A demo of how to use many different learning styles so you see how it works
  • Story groundwork to explore the best kind of story to tell that will make your speech totally memorable
  • How to create a signature story that will move people to action
  • How to add in audience participation so that people will more deeply understand your message

Part 4: Opening

  • Backstage rituals to lessen stage fright, and ensure you come across as powerful, poised and passionate
  • How to get someone to introduce you so that the audience is excited to listen to you
  • How to open your presentation so that you build rapport and inspire curiousity to listen
  • Sample openings from top TED Talks and a deconstruction of what they are doing that works

Part 5: Closing

  • How to close your presentation so that people want to take the next step with you 
  • Sample closings of top TED talks and why they work so well
  • How to sell from the stage without being salsey, so that the RIGHT people want to buy from you

Carla helped me craft a new keynote presentation that put me in front of far more of my potential clients. Then I wrote a book based on the keynote which added to my passive income. My level of confidence, skill and income all went up exponentially!

Ron Coleman Speaker, Trainer & Consultant

Win over decision makers

Attract more business

Engage your audience

Get more opportunities to speak.

Develop personally and professionally

Get to the next level as a speaker

Presentation Prosperity Speech Writing

  1. Get the 5 Part System: You gain access to 5 modules of fun, easy to use, online material (valued at $997)
  2. Valuable Q&As: Replays of past Q&A's (valued at $395)
  3. SPECIAL BONUSES: See them below (valued at $295)

This course is the Perfect Solution for new speakers as well as veterans!

Start taking your professional career to a whole to level today. Learn to craft a message that no one can resist. It will increase your income so you can live the lifestyle of your dreams. 

Total value comes to about $1687.

Regular retail price as a package is $1290

On sale now for a very limited time - only $790

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Plus, get these SPECIAL BONUSES for FREE!

#1 - Vocal Exercises

#2 - Using Humor

#3 - Build Confidence

#4 - Speaker Brain Tune-Up

#5 - Q&A Session MP3s

#6 - Resource Links for Speakers

See what some of our customers have to say:

This is one of the best processes I ever done on how to construct a speech so that you win people over to your message.

Lorraine McGregor Consultant & Author

Total value comes to about $1687.

Regular retail price as a package is $1290

On sale now for a very limited time - only $790

Click here now to enroll in The Presentation Prosperity Course Today

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here’s our guarantee……if after 30 days of really immersing yourself in the program and applying it to your life — it feels like it’s just not right for you — email explaining your reasons….and you can get a full refund. We don’t want to take your money if it’s not the right fit. Please refer to our Earnings Disclaimer and Refund Policy below for more details.Call

604-222-2276 for more information

Create an Emotional Connection with Your Listeners

"I had breakthrough in terms of creating a whole other level of emotional connection with my listeners."

Lourdes Gant Auditor & Business Coach

What if I already have a great speech?

You may already be a great presenter with a number of presentations under your belt. But, maybe you just haven’t gotten around to creating the next level of what you’re capable of….the kind of presentation that will blow people’s minds. This is going to ensure you go from start-to-finish and be on fire with it.

Answer this question from your gut instinct - is this the right thing for me now? If you get a big YES...then take the leap and invest in yourself. There's a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I was going to close down my business until I started learning how to speak at networking events. This program totally pays for itself.

Trisch Lorren Business Owner

Total value comes to about $1687.

Regular retail price as a package is $1290

On sale now for a limited time - only $790

Click here now to enroll in The Presentation Prosperity Course Today

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the program 5 modules?

From having run this program a variety of ways now we’ve discovered if you do one module a week over five weeks, it helps you actually integrate the skills. Once you integrate how to create top notch presentations, you will have that the rest of your life.

How much time does each module take to do?

Each assignment takes anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on how much experience you have in each of these topic areas. Each module is designed to be an engaging learning experience where you get to explore creatively your gifts as a speaker and communicator.

Where does it take place?

The course is virtual so you can access it anywhere in the world as long as you have internet.

How do I receive the material?

You receive one module every week or so via email with a link. It’s dripped out to you step by step. It’s online content you can view at your own pace—usually about 30 minutes of content in either video or audio format. Then you have an assignment that goes with that content. You can watch the videos as often as you need. Skip parts that you are already familiar with. 

Who is leading it and who are the guest speakers?

Carla leads about 80% of the online content. Plus you will see interviews and demos with experts in such areas as working with an agent, speaking internationally, using traditional media and marketing strategies.

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Total value comes to about $1687.

Regular retail price as a package is $1290

On sale now for only $790

Click here now to enroll in The Presentation Prosperity Course Today

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Carla Rieger

Carla helps people get out on the speaking circuit and create compelling presentations. She works with seasoned speakers, new speakers, coaches, authors, consultants, practitioners, business owners and organizational leaders.

She has written six books: Presentation Prosperity, The Heart of Presenting, Speaking on the Funny Side of the Brain, Storytelling in Business. The Power of Laughter, and MindStory Inner Coach. She has been involved in the professional speaking industry for 25 years and has spoken to over 1500 groups internationally of up to 4000 people.

As a veteran keynote speaker, trainer, author, performance storyteller and comedy improv player internationally, Carla brings a wealth of resources for helping you make a great living, having a great lifestyle while also making a big difference for others.

Her work has been featured on radio, TV and in magazines. As a frequent speaker and executive performance coach, Carla helps people step up and live the life of their dreams.

I'm looking forward to helping you prosper,

P.S. One speaking engagement....can easily pay for this entire program 10 times over or more. And since you're protected with our 100% money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. So sign up right now.