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Platinum Private Coaching Program

This is for people who want hands on, customized apprenticeship over time to break through to the next level as a presenter.

Most successful speakers and presenters seek out this kind of private coaching because it’s too easy to stay stuck or get off track. 

Do you need accountability, structure and troubleshooting to help you move forward?


This program is for:

  1. Experts: authors, coaches, consultants, workshop leaders, journalists, practitioners,
  2. Independents: direct sellers, network marketers, commission-based sales people
  3. Business owners: who want to give presentations (live and online) to grow their income
  4. Leaders/Managers: who must give presentations as part of their job

This program includes both intuitive and strategic consulting so you get the:

  1. inner game support to realize your highest potential
  2. outer game support in marketing, crafting and delivering powerful presentations

Break through obstacles so you can take your career to the next level of fulfillment, income and success!

You get professional help to create:

  1. clarity on your topic, audience and offer
  2. a strategy to get or produce opportunities to present
  3. a marketing plan that will sustain you for years
  4. an upgraded sense of worth and capacity
  5. tools to manifest the income and lifestyle changes you MOST desire
  6. delivery practice to bring out your best self and hit a home run

Application Process

Not all programs are right for everyone. We want to ensure there is a good fit, that you are spending your time and money wisely and that this is a win-win experience for everyone involved. 

What People Are Saying

Carla spent a lot of time truly understanding my content and my goals. We went through my presentation piece by piece so that I would get the kind of results and business growth I was really looking for. I would highly recommend Carla. She's warm and friendly and really REALLY good as a coach for speakers. It totally paid off.

Greg Ford Business Owner and Speaker

Carla is the real deal. Her ability to guide me in the journey to becoming a speaker has come from her having done it herself--both the inner and the outer work.

Kate Sutherland Facilitator & Author

This has been life changing for me because it has propelled me much further along in my career than I could have done on my own.

Gillian Maxwell Speaker & Facilitator

Carla helped me craft a new keynote presentation that put me in front of far more of my potential clients. Then I wrote a book based on the keynote which added to my passive income. My level of confidence, skill and income all went up exponentially!

Ron Coleman Speaker, Trainer & Consultant

Carla has been ‘there’. She generously shared her experience and connected me to important people in her network. She helped me maintain my focus and move through challenges. It moved my business forward in powerful ways such as finishing my book.

Gwen Ellert Author & Speaker

Storytelling for Presenters Review

“I believe in myself so much more now as a presenter because of this material and Carla's excellent guidance."

A. Reichert Speaker, Trainer & Coach

I’ve gotten way more out of this program than others I've done. I love the combo of Carla’s clarity AND her broad range of knowledge regarding the speaking biz.

Cathy Chiba Speaker and Trainer Communication

I was going to close down my business until I started learning how to speak at networking events. This program totally pays for itself.

Trisch Lorren Business Owner

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