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Blueprint for Boosting Your Prospecting Confidence

A 6 minute audio Mental Rehearsal

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Learn how this FREE gift - Blueprint for Boosting Your Prospecting Confidence

This is one of the #1 ways to boost your confidence when prospecting, whether that's:

  • a one-to-one conversation
  • talking to a group
  • online
  • on the phone
  • or live

It's very easy to let nervousness take over. Even if you been doing it for decades like many of my clients.

If the stakes are high, if doing a good job is really important to you, it's easy for the survival brain to get triggered. What happens then? It can make you act weird. You know what I'm talking about?

  • Shaky hands
  • Shaky voice
  • Forgetting what you want to say
  • Knot in the stomach

In other words, your tone of voice, body language and thinking capacity can all kind get “dialed down”.

If that happens then, they don’t take notice, don’t take home a sample product, or agree to come to a meeting, or buy a product or service, or sign-up under you.

The good news is that you can retrain your brain to be your best self every time you prospect by doing something called – a mental rehearsal. Normally, I create these mental rehearsals for clients who have been doing this for 10 years or more and who are at the top of their game. In fact, most top network marketers do these kinds of mental rehearsals. And I charge them a lot of money for them.

But as my thank you gift, I'm going to give you a chance to experience what I'm talking about for yourself-- for free.

This is a simple audio download that you can put on your MP3 player. It's only 6 minutes. And you listen to it right before you have a high-stakes conversation. It will train your brain to be your best.

Most people do the opposite, they imagine themselves messing up, saying the wrong thing, being nervous, not really connecting with the person, and guess what happens?

What you focus on grows.

That seems to be a default habit that many people have, worrying like that. This will retrain your brain to do the opposite and focus on what you DO want to have happen-- and then it will become your default way of being, if you listen enough times.

So download it, and listen to it a few times before your next prospecting conversation, and notice the difference. So often I hear people say, that was amazing, it went exactly as I had imagined in the mental rehearsal. I can't believe I never used that technique before. So just go ahead and get your download now.

Thanks so much for the review and enjoy the blueprint.

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