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Discover a Simple 5-Step Process for Getting Booked (even if you aren't a celebrity, don't have a PhD or a book or a lot of time to market yourself)

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During This ENGAGING and PRACTICAL Masterclass You Will Discover:

How to Use Speaking to Increase Income and Credibility [even if you're not famous and you don't have a PhD].

A 5-step system for landing speaking gigs [that's simple to follow].

What You Need to Get Going:  Why you don't need a lot of expensive materials to land speaking gigs, and what you ABSOLUTELY DO need to get going.

Increase your income through speaking - make a bigger difference

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She began her career as a professional speaker over 20 years ago, traveling all over the world. She is now the CEO of The Artistry of Change Training, Inc., a firm that specializes in awakening creative potentials in people so that they can be innovative communicators. She has authored 6 books, over 80 online learning programs and spoken to over 1500 groups internationally.

What Clients Say

Maggie DeVries - Speaker and Bestselling Author

I got a chance to speak at a TEDx event and other great opportunities because of this program. I'm so grateful to Carla, because otherwise none of this would have happened.

Jana Stanfield - Speaker and Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter

I've been a speaker for over 20 years. I found this program a HUGE help to getting paid what I REALLY want and getting the engagements I LOVE to speak at.