How to Let Go of Years of Negativity in Under 3 Minutes

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Go here to get your free copy of the Ho’oponopono Prayer:


This is an interview Mary Sue Rabe, Founder of The Women Healing the World organization. She shares a powerful story of forgiveness, and shows you how to try it for yourself and maybe get some freedom from negative emotions that are weighing you down.


What is the Ho’oponopono Prayer?


If you’ve been letting resentments, regrets and guilt get in the way of inner peace and happiness, give this a try. Ho’oponopono (Ho Oh Pono Pono) roughly translates as “to make right”, “to correct”.


It’s an ancient transformational and healing technique originating in Hawaii. Its a simple message of 100% responsibility, repentance, and gratitude that has been transforming the lives of all it touches.


Originally practiced by the native Hawaiians, Ho’oponopono was primarily a group based ceremony, used to solve community based problems, and disputes. It has similarities to many indigenous shamanic practices found throughout the world.


You may be familiar with the short version which is four sentences, made popular by Dr. Joe Vitale. This is a longer version that is as powerful for healing inner self judgment as it is for healing negativity between two people. Enjoy!


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