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Influencing with Stories Influencing with Stories

Influencing with Stories

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If you look at a brain scan of someone listening to a story it’s far more engaged than when listening to concepts. If you’re not using stories, then people ignore you. This is for you if you ever need to influence people to succeed, to achieve their goals or to make a positive change.
Whether you speak to people individually or to groups, people LOVE stories.

You can open people’s minds to new possibilities, because stories bypass the judgemental mind. People will “get” what you’re trying to communicate so much more effectively through stories.

Here you’ll discover a 5-part story structure, where to find good stories to tell, why you need a personal WHY story, how to use stories in social media, and how to get over public speaking anxiety. This is an interview with acclaimed motivational speaker, Carla Rieger.

Free online training “Communicating with Stories: 7 Secrets to Creating a Personal WHY Story that Goes Viral” https://courses.carlarieger.com/communicating-with-stories/


Presentation Skills and Story Crafting Coaching: http://carlarieger.com/store/coaching/vip-program/


For more FREE tools and training go to: https://mindstoryacademy.com/

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