How to Create a Personal Signature Story in Business

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Each and every one of us have hundreds of stories that you could be telling people to attract people into your business whether to motivate your team or attract new customers. In today’s congested marketplace you either tell powerful stories or…people forget you.


In this episode, Carla Rieger talks about the “7 Secrets for Helping Your Signature Personal Story Go Viral” the power of using a signature personal story in your business communication. You may already have one if so it is good to have more than one. And if you do not have one, Carla highly suggests you use it in presentations and conversations, online profile, your ‘About’ page and it is the ‘Why you do what you do’ in story form. Lots of people maybe list why they do what they do but they haven’t actually put it in a story.


 “Stories captivate people at a whole deep level. You can open minds and hearts through a story in a way you can’t do in other forms of communication.”

-Carla Rieger

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Topics Covered:

02:36 – Powerful benefits of having a signature personal story

02:55 – How humor stopped World War III from happening

10:11 – Diving into the ‘Coffee Pot’- Carla’s dangerous river cruise experience

13:48 – Secret #1: Get Clear on Your Desired Outcome

14:00 – 6 Things to consider in your story: the role, your offer, who the story is for, what is in it for them to listen and what do you want them to do as a result

17:32 – Secret #2: Choose the Right Type of Story

19:55 – Secret #3: Decide on a Hero.

23:08 – Secret #4: Choose a Story Structure.

33:03 – The 5-Part Story Structure of Carla’s River Cruise Journey





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