How to Build Your Confidence as a Presenter

How to Build Your Confidence as a Presenter

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In this podcast, Sally Zimney of “This Moved Me” interviews Carla Rieger on how to build your business and career through being a great presenter. Carla shares her metamorphosis from being someone who struggled with a speech impediment to someone who speaks about creativity, innovation and change management.

Hear Carla’s trial by fire as she lives the challenges out, pushing boundaries, innovating, creating change and challenging herself.


“Should I call this person and pitch myself as a speaker?… or should I just clean out my paperclip drawer?”

-Carla Rieger

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Topics Covered:


01:01 – Carla’s great metamorphosis as a speaker, starting her career by speaking to college freshmen

06:48 – The value of creativity and art when dealing with change

10:05 – Things Carla does to enrich her inspiration for new ideas and innovation herself

11:23 – Carla’s challenges, limiting beliefs, stumbling blocks and how she triumphed over them

12:48 – Confidence Gold for Speakers: a mental preparation to change self-image and master the inner game of speaking

14:41– Immortal Beloved, the movie that moved Carla recently?




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