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7 Secrets to Being a Master Storyteller in Business Who Can Inspire and Motivate People to Take Action 

Never be boring again! 

If you have dry material to deliver or just want to keep people engaged start-to -finish during your presentations, you need compelling stories.

Get started on a new story or anecdote that will help your message go viral. For example, when you:

        * pitch an idea to decision-makers

        * market your offerings during a webinar

        * give a speech at an association meeting

        * need to win over an important person at a networking event

The problem is that many people don’t understand what makes for an engaging

story, how to structure and deliver it for best impact. Their story ends up falling flat. Here you’ll discover a tried-and-true process to create powerful stories that go viral.

Once you know and apply these 7 secrets your message will “stick”  like nothing else you’ve done before.

Benefits Of Attending

During this lively and interactive breakout session, you will discover how to:

     * avoid the top 7 mistakes that storytellers in business make

     * use a 7-step template for creating stories that people take action on

     * start on a new story for your next  conversation or presentation

Experience the magic of how to create captivating stories that inspire people to take action on your message!

  • Discover what a story defines a good type of story to use in business
  • Avoid the top 7 mistakes storytellers make
  • Learn to use a 7-step template for creating stories that people remember
  • Experience different story demos to inspire you!

Your Webinar Host

with Carla Rieger

Storytelling Expert

For over 23 years, Carla Rieger has been speaking all over the world on how to open minds to new possibilities. Her uplifting, interactive presentations to over 1500 groups, have captured hearts and minds.  She has written 3 books including "Storytelling in Business", “The Heart of Presenting”, “Presentation Prosperity”, along with 2 novels, 5 plays, hundreds of articles and 10 online learning programs. In addition, she has 12 years experience in the performing arts, specifically comedy. As a frequent speaker, trainer, coach and consultant, Carla helps people communicate in a way that wins over their listeners.

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Here's What People are Saying About This Training:

"This far exceeded my expectations – practical, useful, achievable advice told in an entertaining way." - Kate McLean, Lawyer

"I have been a 'facts-focused' presenter because I wasn’t sure how to start telling stories. Now I have a process for doing that---I’m so excited!"  - Sarah Wedel, Speaker and Trainer 

"Carla is incredibly knowledgeable about storytelling and expresses herself in such engaging ways."  - Suzanne Tannous AlMajdalani, Manager, Aramex Inc.

"Carla effectively demonstrates what she’s teaching . It's very engaging!"  - Julia James, Coach, Speaker, Author

"These storytelling tools are clear, usable, fun and engaging."  Cynthia van Ginkel, Manager, BCIT 

"I love this approach to storytelling in business, because it’s all about coming from the heart while also offering practical and useful advice."  Marylynn Riendeau, Owner, Driving Miss Daisy 

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