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7 Backstage Rituals to Calm Your Nerves

Do you ever feel a bit nervous before public speaking?

Maybe you have to speak to a group, or maybe you're doing a video, or talking on a webinar. Maybe you're just giving a one-to-one sales presentation. 

It's totally normal to feel some nervousness. That just means to care about doing a good job. The problem is if you’re SO nervous it makes you Under-Perform.

Typical symptoms are:

  • Heart beating rapidly
  • Excessive sweating
  • Knot in the stomach
  • Shaking hands/clumsiness
  • Breathy or shaky voice
  • Forgetting what you want to say

Those symptoms mean your Survival Brain is running the show instead of your Whole Brain.

Discover how to switch your brain on so that all those symptoms go away or at least die down to manageable levels:

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Try these top 7 techniques the next time you have any symptoms that might make you ”UNDER PERFORM” and see which ones work for you.

Then just keep that checklist handy, for the next time you speak.

You'll notice:

  • Your heartbeat slows
  • No more sweating
  • Relaxed nervous system
  • Calm hands
  • Clear voice
  • Remembering what you want to say
  • Confidence, poise and professionalism

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