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June 2018 - Carla Rieger June 2018 - Carla Rieger

Monthly Archives: June 2018

Influencing with Stories

Influencing with Stories


If you look at a brain scan of someone listening to a story it’s far more engaged than when listening to concepts. If you’re not using stories, then people ignore you. This is for you if you ever need to influence people to succeed, to achieve their goals or to make a positive change.
Whether you speak to people individually or to groups, people LOVE stories.

You can open people’s minds to new possibilities, because stories bypass the judgemental mind. People will “get” what you’re trying to communicate so much more effectively through stories.

Here you’ll discover a 5-part story structure, where to find good stories to tell, why you need a personal WHY story, how to use stories in social media, and how to get over public speaking anxiety. This is an interview with acclaimed motivational speaker, Carla Rieger.

Free online training “Communicating with Stories: 7 Secrets to Creating a Personal WHY Story that Goes Viral” https://courses.carlarieger.com/communicating-with-stories/


Presentation Skills and Story Crafting Coaching: http://carlarieger.com/store/coaching/vip-program/


For more FREE tools and training go to: https://mindstoryacademy.com/


Technology to Improve Your Performance at Work with Renee Safrata

This is a great interview with Renee Safrata, CEO of VIVO Team.  Try a free demo of their platform HERE

Renée Safrata and the people at VIVO Team understand HOW to shift mindset so that it positively affects performance at work. Her company is a leading HR Tech firm that has created an algorithm and learning platform to help companies understand the cost of team and leader inefficiencies.

They provide solutions to get teams and leaders functioning at exceptionally higher level. In the past, it’s been harder to measure the effects of behavior with numbers. Renée’s team is changing that. Their learning experience platform diagnoses, trains and analyzes team performance to build teams and develop leaders so that the company sees much better results.

Over the past 31 years, Renée has worked with over 300 companies and 2500 business executives throughout North America, helping them connect and adopt new behaviors. That way teams function much more effectively which dramatically impacts the bottom line.

How To Build Your Confidence As A Presenter

In this podcast Sally from “This Moved Me” interviews Carla Rieger on how to build your business and career being a great presenter. It’s about how to build your belief in yourself to keep going through the inner and outer obstacles to success.

Carla is also the co-founder of the MindStory Academy https://mindstoryacademy.com/ and is a sought after motivational speaker around the world, helping you to break free from limiting stories about yourself so that you can live a more fulfilling life.

For more free tips, webinars, coaching, speaking and training with Carla Rieger go to: http://www.artistryofchange.com/

Check out our Confidence Gold Course: How to Master the Inner Game of Speaking. It helps you be your best self on stage. https://courses.carlarieger.com/confidence-gold-for-speakers/

Overwhelmed by Your Task List? The #1 Way to Break Free

Have you ever rushed around anxiously trying to get ready for a relaxing vacation?

It’s ironic, but all too common. I used to think that if I just worked longer hours and rushed faster that the feeling of overwhelm would eventually subside. But I now notice that never really works over the long term, because the rate of change is just speeding up and rushing faster is an impossible expectation. There is a deeper, more powerful and longer lasting solution.

80% of the reason you feel overwhelmed is because of your mindset

Regularly feeling overwhelmed is just a bad habit of mind and actually a cultural transfer for which many people pay a big price. A recent poll of entrepreneurs and people in high-pressure jobs had task lists for just one day that would realistically take an average of two weeks to complete. Many university research studies have proven that un-doable To Do lists make many people less productive because the overwhelm causes inertia.