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May 2018 - Carla Rieger May 2018 - Carla Rieger

Monthly Archives: May 2018


What’s Your TEVAS Manifestation Style?

What’s Your TEVAS Manifestation Style?

Try the TEVAS Manifestation Styles Quiz https://mindstoryacademy.com/tevas-manifestation-style-quiz/

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You have that one goal that you’ve been trying to reach. You take all the steps and actions, you plan, you keep a positive attitude, but your goals is still always just out of reach, or you just feel flat out stuck.

This can be very frustrating, and we’ve all been there.


Good things you’ve manifested in your life before, came first through your imagination. You imagined it happening through the senses of sight, sound, touch, writing, reading, emotions. Then it manifested into form. Many people teach manifestation only through using visualization.

The problem is that only a certain percentage of the population manifest that way. Others need to do it through using other senses. Discover your dominant TEVAS Manifestation Personality Style and how to use it to finally reach your goals.

Overcoming Obstacles: Top 3 Tools for Breaking Free

Do you need help overcoming obstacles in your life?


If you’ve been feeling “mentally stuck” when it comes to


1) making a decision, or

2) getting clarity on how to solve a problem


…this 3 step process will be incredibly helpful. It allows you to break out of the “survival mind” and access what’s called “Heart Based Logic”. This is way of understanding a situation from a multi-dimensional perspective so you can make far wiser decisions about your life.


In the book “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” by Malcolm Gladwell, he studies the ability of some people to make good decisions in the “blink” of an eye. It’s the same kind of thing. The benefits are that you get into action quicker, you don’t miss out on golden opportunities and you have far less regrets in life.


3 Signs It’s Time To Reinvent Your Life

Dolly Garlo is an RN, JD, Board Certified Business, and Leadership and Legacy Coach. She is a speaker, trainer, and consultant who works with masterful professionals and senior executives in business and government service.

They come to her when they reach mid-career, early or full financial retirement, and are ready for a significant change of direction. . That may include possibilities such as:

• building their own private practice

• starting a business in a new field

• pursuing social entrepreneurship or corporate board governance

• running for office or stepping into senior level government or diplomatic service

• participating in philanthropic endeavours

Having worked hard and attained a level of career mastery, you are ready for something different, more, new, but you’re not sure what. Maybe you’ve climbed the ladder as far as you want to go, or to find it’s just up against the wrong wall.

The path that got you here, education, professional training, career development, even marriage and family, had pretty clearly set out milestones. What’s next may not be so clear. Most people spend more time planning a vacation than they do designing a life – even if they know how and can manage the obstacles that inevitably get in the way.

What lies ahead may feel like unknown territory. And it seems time is accelerating. If not now, when will you figure out how to pull it all that together?

For Dolly Garlo that time came after a personal epiphany made her realize there was more for her to do with her life, experience, and career expertise. So, she sold her successful health care law practice to create work with more passion and joy, transform a family farm to pioneer a park system, find happiness in marriage that she never thought possible, live on an island and spend more time engaged in the environmental and humanitarian activities important to her.

And now she helps other professionals discover how to realize greater fulfillment in all areas of life… especially women, who have fewer guides and role models for this exciting new chapter at mid-career and beyond.


Here’s the good news: Dolly has ‘cracked the code’ on how to create greater fulfillment in life and career quickly, easily and comprehensively, tested by work with clients who came to her ready for their own reinvention. She created a step-by-step process that covers what research tells us are the key areas that define personal satisfaction. When it’s time to pull that altogether for yourself, Dolly has the roadmap you’ll need for that journey.

Fasten your seatbelt because you are about to learn how to structure your own customized map full of what is most important to you, and get started putting it in place!

====================================== Carla Rieger is the Director of The Artistry of Change Training Inc. specializing in presentation skills, communication skills and team leadership. She is an internationally known motivational speaker, trainer, coach and online media personality.