1. MIC - MINDSTORY INNER CIRCLE - A Membership Program to Enhance Sales Communication, Confidence and Focus
  2. PRESENTATION PROSPERITY - How to Create Top Notch Material for Live or Online Presentations
  3. SPEAKER MARKETING - How to Get and Negotiate Ideal Speaking Engagements 
  4. STORYTELLING IN BUSINESS - How to Create and Delivery Stories that Capture Attention
  5. CONFIDENCE GOLD - How to Be Poised and Confident When Speaking in Public
  6. COACH CERTIFICATION - How to Become a High Performance Coach Using the MindStory Methodology

Get Certified in the MindStory Method 

As a Coach, Speaker, Leader and Marketer

12 Monthly Program 

with Carla Rieger and Dave O'Connor

For Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs to Improve Coaching Skills, Sales, Leadership Communication, Presentations Skills, Confidence and Focus 

Only 20% of your success is due to strategies, at least 80% is due to mindset. Here you get the help to be your best and the on-going support you need to fast-track your results and have a more fulfilling career.

Presentation Prosperity

How to Create Top Notch Material for Live or Online Presentations 

. This 5 part, online learning system will take you start-to-finish to create a presentation that will blow people away!

Speaker Marketing

How To Get and Negotiate Lucrative Speaking Opportunities 

You can either grow your business the slow 1-to-1 way, or 1-to-many.  Discover how to grow your business exponentially through speaking at live and online events. Here you get the support you need to become a sought-after speaker with this powerful 5 Step System.

Storytelling in Business

How to Create and Delivery Stories that Capture Attention

Presenters who use stories well, stand out dramatically against those who don't. Discover this simple 7 Step System. You will learn how to add powerful stories to your business conversations, profiles and speeches.

Confidence Gold

How to Master the Inner Game of Public Speaking

80% of public speaking success is MINDSET! It takes BIG confidence to address a group and be effective. Discover 7 insider secrets for being an excellent presenter, whether it's live or online, so you can build a good reputation and grow your business to the next level.

Coach Certification Program

Become a certified Coach using our MindStory coaching system. It's online so you can learn from wherever in the world. This is High Performance Coaching to help people reprogram their subconscious through inner "mind stories" so they can effortlessly attract the life and business they most want.

What People are Saying


Carla is the real deal. Her ability to guide me in the journey to becoming a speaker has come from her having done it herself--both the inner and the outer work.

Kate Sutherland - Facilitator & Author

Storytelling for Presenters Review

“I believe in myself so much more now as a presenter because of this material and Carla's excellent guidance."

A. Reichert - Speaker, Trainer & Coach

I was going to close down my business until I started learning how to speak at networking events. This program totally pays for itself.

Trisch Lorren - Business Owner

I got a chance to speak at a TEDx event and other great opportunities because of this program. I'm so grateful to Carla, because otherwise none of this would have happened.

Maggie DeVries - Speaker and Bestselling Author

This has been life changing for me because it has propelled me much further along in my career than I could have done on my own.

Gillian Maxwell - Speaker & Facilitator

After years of speaking, I decided I wanted to take my presentation to the next level so I worked with Carla Rieger. I had a more quiet, academic style, and wanted to add more stories and energy. Carla showed me how to use the strengths of my natural personality to my benefit. And I got a standing ovation for the first time in my career!

Vesanto Melina - Multiple Best Selling Author

This enabled me to craft and deliver my story with so much more confidence. Something I never thought I'd be able to do!

Emma Cooper - Multiple 6 figure network marketer, and fastest growing person in her company

Carla's coaching helped my business grow exponentially! I got on bigger stages, sold more products and turned my keynote into a book.

Ron Coleman - Speaker, Trainer & Consultant