1. CERTIFICATION - How to Become a High Performance Coach and Speaker Using the MindStory Method
  2. PRESENTATION PROSPERITY - How to Create Top Notch Material for Live or Online Presentations
  3. SPEAKER MARKETING - How to Get and Negotiate Ideal Speaking Engagements 
  4. STORYTELLING IN BUSINESS - How to Create and Delivery Stories that Capture Attention
  5. CONFIDENCE GOLD - How to Be Poised and Confident When Speaking in Public

Get Certified in the MindStory Method 

As a Coach, Speaker, Leader and Marketer

12 Monthly Program 

with Carla Rieger and Dave O'Connor

For Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs to Improve Coaching Skills, Sales, Leadership Communication, Presentations Skills, Confidence and Focus 

Only 20% of your success is due to strategies, at least 80% is due to mindset. Here you get the help to be your best and the on-going support you need to fast-track your results and have a more fulfilling career.

Presentation Prosperity

How to Create Top Notch Material for Live or Online Presentations 

. This 5 part, online learning system will take you start-to-finish to create a presentation that will blow people away!

Speaker Marketing

How To Get and Negotiate Lucrative Speaking Opportunities 

You can either grow your business the slow 1-to-1 way, or 1-to-many.  Discover how to grow your business exponentially through speaking at live and online events. Here you get the support you need to become a sought-after speaker with this powerful 5 Step System.

Storytelling in Business

How to Create and Delivery Stories that Capture Attention

Presenters who use stories well, stand out dramatically against those who don't. Discover this simple 7 Step System. You will learn how to add powerful stories to your business conversations, profiles and speeches.

Confidence Gold

How to Master the Inner Game of Public Speaking

80% of public speaking success is MINDSET! It takes BIG confidence to address a group and be effective. Discover 7 insider secrets for being an excellent presenter, whether it's live or online, so you can build a good reputation and grow your business to the next level.

What People are Saying


Carla is the real deal. Her ability to guide me in the journey to becoming a speaker has come from her having done it herself--both the inner and the outer work.

Kate Sutherland - Facilitator & Author

Storytelling for Presenters Review

“I believe in myself so much more now as a presenter because of this material and Carla's excellent guidance."

A. Reichert - Speaker, Trainer & Coach

I was going to close down my business until I started learning how to speak at networking events. This program totally pays for itself.

Trisch Lorren - Business Owner

I got a chance to speak at a TEDx event and other great opportunities because of this program. I'm so grateful to Carla, because otherwise none of this would have happened.

Maggie DeVries - Speaker and Bestselling Author

This has been life changing for me because it has propelled me much further along in my career than I could have done on my own.

Gillian Maxwell - Speaker & Facilitator

After years of speaking, I decided I wanted to take my presentation to the next level so I worked with Carla Rieger. I had a more quiet, academic style, and wanted to add more stories and energy. Carla showed me how to use the strengths of my natural personality to my benefit. And I got a standing ovation for the first time in my career!

Vesanto Melina - Multiple Best Selling Author

This enabled me to craft and deliver my story with so much more confidence. Something I never thought I'd be able to do!

Emma Cooper - Multiple 6 figure network marketer, and fastest growing person in her company

Carla's coaching helped my business grow exponentially! I got on bigger stages, sold more products and turned my keynote into a book.

Ron Coleman - Speaker, Trainer & Consultant