Open Book - Story Assessment & Demos - Carla Rieger

The Mind Story Program

How to Put Your Success on Autopilot So You Can Accelerate Your Business Success and Live with More Power, Purpose, and Passion.

Learn to reprogram your subconscious through mind stories so you can start adapting successful habits and effortlessly attract the life you deserve.

In just 30 minutes a day you can skyrocket your business, your career, health, finances, relationships, happiness and create the lifestyle of your dreams...


Presentation Prosperity

Become a Sought After Speaker- Even if you're not famous and you don't have a PHD

Make a difference with your message AND make good income so you can have the lifestyle of your dreams. This 5 part, online learning system will take you start-to-finish to create a presentation that will blow people away!

Speaker Marketing

How To Get Lucrative Speaking Gigs 

Discover How to Create a 6-to-7 Figure Business through Being a Speaker, so You Can Live the Life of Your Dreams!

Get the support you need to become a sought after speaker with this in depth, 5 part course.

Storytelling in Business

Presenters who use stories well, stand out dramatically against those who don't. 

Learn how to dramatically increase audience engagement and referrals through adding stories to your business communication and speeches with this 7-step system. 

Confidence Gold

How to Master the Inner Game of Speaking

80% of a speaker's success is MINDSET! It takes BIG confidence to stand up in front of a group and be effective. Discover 7 insider secrets for being an excellent presenter, so you can grow your business to the next level.

Network Marketing Leadership Academy

The Rolls Royce of Network Marketing training courses is designed to help you become a powerful leader, engaging presenter and top earner in your company.

Master your mindset with our proprietary Advanced Blueprints, Mindmasters Webinars and 30 Day Mindset Mastery Challenge.

Unlock levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence you didn't know existed.

Learn how to become more charismatic, dynamic and humurous as a speaker with our renowned Presentation Prosperity 12 Module Course.

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Open Book - Story Assessment & Demos - Carla Rieger

Open Book - Story Assessment & Demos - Carla Rieger

The Mind Story SPEAKER Program


We are looking for speakers, trainers, online educators, coaches or people who are seeking to skill build into these roles, who want to learn our MindStory system.  This program certifies you to teach our one day MindStory Course in various places around the world. 

MindStory helps people reprogram their subconscious through inner "mind stories" so they can effortlessly attract the life they most want.

Be the first to know when the MindStory SPEAKER program is released. Seats are very limited. 

What People are Saying


Carla is the real deal. Her ability to guide me in the journey to becoming a speaker has come from her having done it herself--both the inner and the outer work.

Kate Sutherland - Facilitator & Author

Storytelling for Presenters Review

“I believe in myself so much more now as a presenter because of this material and Carla's excellent guidance."

A. Reichert - Speaker, Trainer & Coach

I was going to close down my business until I started learning how to speak at networking events. This program totally pays for itself.

Trisch Lorren - Business Owner

Speaker Marketing Course

I got a chance to speak at a TEDx event and other great opportunities because of this program. I'm so grateful to Carla, because otherwise none of this would have happened.

Maggie DeVries - Speaker and Bestselling Author

This has been life changing for me because it has propelled me much further along in my career than I could have done on my own.

Gillian Maxwell - Speaker & Facilitator

I got my first standing ovation!

After years of speaking, I decided I wanted to take my presentation to the next level so I worked with Carla Rieger. I had a more quiet, academic style, and wanted to add more stories and energy. Carla showed me how to use the strengths of my natural personality to my benefit. And I got a standing ovation for the first time in my career!

Vesanto Melina - Multiple Best Selling Author

Storytelling for MLM Presenters

This enabled me to craft and deliver my story with so much more confidence. Something I never thought I'd be able to do!

Emma Cooper - Multiple 6 figure network marketer, and fastest growing person in her company

Carla's coaching helped my business grow exponentially! I got on bigger stages, sold more products and turned my keynote into a book.

Ron Coleman - Speaker, Trainer & Consultant